Update: Pan-African Association of Behavior Analysis

By Ashley Knochel, 2020 International Development Grant Grantee

The Pan-African Association of Behavior Analysis (PAABA) is very thankful to have had the opportunity to be supported by the Society for the Advancement of Behavior Analysis (SABA). In our initial SABA grant application, we requested funds for (a) initial filing, (b) non-profit status, and (c) website development. Despite pandemic related challenges, our team has worked diligently towards project goals and we hope you will be happy with our progress.

Our organization is now registered in the U.S. and we have filed for 501C3 status. Additionally, our website was completed in November last year. Although initial establishment goals have been met, we have not yet launched the website or organization because we are still waiting for confirmation for certification title trademarking.

In order to mitigate pandemic related barriers our team has created an additional organization with the aim of further supporting individuals impacted by autism and neurodevelopmental conditions across Africa. Throughout the past year we have trained over 100 parents and professionals through the Excella Developmental Services (EDS) Learning Institute online platform on basic ABA principles and the practical application of ABA intervention strategies in the home setting. This platformed has centered around culturally responsive dissemination and has generated additional funds needs for PAABA startup costs (e.g., trademarking fees, lawyer fees).

Through PAABA, we hope to create a unified coalition of professionals, credentialed to provide effective and culturally responsive behavior analytic services across the African continent. Although we have experienced some unanticipated roadblocks during our project due to the pandemic, we have managed to stick to our initially proposed timeline. We are thankful again for all of your time and support thus far and look forward to sharing additional progress with your team in the future.

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