By Guy Bruce, 2020 International Development Grant Grantee

Thanks again to SABA for awarding me a 2020 International Development Grant.

My project remains in the development stage. The previous software developers proved unable to complete ProgressCharter and refused to honor our contractual agreement to transfer the work that they had done to my server. After many months of correspondence, my attorney and I were finally able to obtain the software. I have now employed a Chilean software developer whom I believe is close to providing me and my Chilean partners with a version ready for initial testing with schools in Chile and in the United States.

I used the grant money to pay for my attorney’s assistance in negotiating the transfer of ProgressCharter code websites, database and mobile application code and to make initial payments to the Chilean software developer for the continued development of the application. I expect to make additional payments based on the completion and successful testing of each ProgressCharter function. Each function is a component of the application that allows the user to complete a step in the EARS process of organizational performance engineering: Evaluate, Analyze, Recommend and Solve.

I have indeed encountered some difficulties, although thanks to my previous experience with software developers, these were not completely unanticipated. I hired an attorney to prepare a contract which we were able to use to negotiate delivery of the software to my server when the developers provided incapable of completing ProgressCharter to specifications. And I hired a new software developer to complete the initial work.

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