Chapter Spotlight: Polish Society for Behavioral Psychology

“During 2020 Society continuously worked on development of Polish certification system (license) for behavior analysts.”

Bartlomiej J. Swebodzinski

During 2020 Society continuously worked on development of Polish certification system (license) for behavior analysts. Polish certification system was created and introduced in 2010 together with partner organization Polish Society for Behavioral Therapy ( Its aim was to improve the quality of work of behavior analysts in Poland by establishing professional standards of good work and proper conduct for behavioral analysts. Two members of PSBP participate on regular basis in meetings of the executive committee of the system. The main responsibilities are:

  • evaluating applications of candidates to the title of behavioral analyst according to standards of Polish certification system,
  • developing standards for training programs and evaluating new training courses proposed by supervisors within the system,
  • answering on-going questions concerning certification system and providing consistent interpretation of its rules,
  • propagating knowledge about certification system and behavioral therapy in Poland as well.

PSBP took patronage over the event: evenings with behaviorism (I’m learning ACT, by Bartosz Kleszcz).

PSBP also took patronage over the book, A Liberated Mind, by Steven C. Hayes, with substantive editing and a foreword by Joanna Dudek and Paweł Ostaszewski – members of our association.

In 2020 PSBP and School Rehabilitation and Education Center for Children and Youth with Autism in Gdańsk organized the 13th International Scientific Symposium “Applied behavior analysis towards problem behaviors of contemporary people”. The uniqueness of the symposium was the way it was organized. Due to numerous restrictions introduced in the circumstances of the pandemic, the event was held completely online. The symposium lasted two days: the first day was filled with lectures with the participation of a special guest – Dr. Robert Mellon, BCBA, from the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens (Greece); the second day was filled with workshops that were very popular among the participants of the symposium.

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