2021 Outstanding Mentor: Claire St. Peter

Dr. Claire St. Peter is a professor of psychology, the coordinator of the behavior analysis program area, and the director of Graduate Training for Psychology at West Virginia University (WVU). Dr. St. Peter has been the fortunate recipient of excellent mentorship throughout her professional life, including from luminaries like Drs. Henry Pennypacker and Timothy Vollmer (while in graduate school), and Drs. Andy Lattal and Michael Perone (since arriving at WVU). She attempts to incorporate individualized, constructional mentorship practices into her interactions with undergraduate and graduate students and, more recently, with junior faculty and other emerging professionals. Her mentorship spans activities in research (primarily in the areas of challenging behavior, treatment integrity, extinction, and school-based applications of behavioral principles), teaching (in and out of the classroom), and service (including clinical, editorial, and leadership domains), and is among the most enjoyable of her professional activities.

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