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By ABAL Board Members

On 4th August 2020, Lebanon’s port exploded due to large amount of ammonium nitrate stored in the capital’s port, Beirut. More than 207 people lost their lives, 7,500 were injured with economic losses estimated at about 15 billion US$.

This tragic event struck at the heart of the capital while Lebanon had been already reeling under a severe economic and financial crisis along with political instability for years.

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated an already difficult situation with the country ill-equipped to deal with such crisis.

The dire situation took its toll on ABAL as several board members left the country in search of better living conditions overseas. In response to this, ABAL proactively managed to bring on board new qualified members despite the challenges explained above. ABAL went far and beyond by ensuring it remained focused on its core responsibilities toward to the Lebanese community by establishing a research unit focused on enhancing evidence-based practices in Lebanon and disseminating ABA to the public by raising public awareness through online webinars and training sessions directed at the local community.

ABAL remains committed to its mission and responsibilities towards ABA and the Lebanese community in general. The focus going forward will be to collaborate with other similar associations in the wider region.

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