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By Gerald Harris

Lone Star ABA (LSABA) has been in existence for 11 years now. We have accomplished a lot in that time and are still going strong. The Lone Star Applied Behavior Analysts (LSABA) chapter was established in 2009 to provide community support for professionals and students in the field of applied behavior analysis. Houston area members include practitioners as well as educators, and those who work in either the public or private sectors or both. While a majority of the members are involved in the application of ABA to children with autism, LSABA recognizes and supports those professionals who demonstrate the utility of ABA in application to a variety of populations and needs.

2020 was an unusual year to say the least. The regular LSABA monthly meetings, which inform practitioners of ABA related news, events, and issues and provide research discussion continuing education credits, were temporarily discontinued due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the most exciting activities of LSABA previously was the conducting conferences focusing on important aspects of ABA. However, one conference that was planned and ready to go (people had already registered) had to be cancelled due to the pandemic and another was aborted. Other community activities promoting ABA have also been on hiatus in large part although members have remained in contact about them.

Through virtual contact LSABA has most recently been coordinating efforts to aid ABA providers in obtaining COVID-19 vaccinations by establishing collaborative relationships with area health care organizations. Availability of vaccination supplies has been sporadic and confusing in this area and LSABA members have been instrumental in finding and reporting opportunities for ABA service providers.

LSABA will hopefully be able to resume our previous activities in coming months and continues to be very appreciative of support and recognition from the state chapter, TxABA. There remains a good system of information exchange in place with TxABA, and LSABA and its members individually participate in and assist with TxABA activities and events, such as the annual TxABA convention.

At the national and international level, LSABA has certainly been well supported and encouraged by ABAI and continues to express gratitude for all the assistance by that organization. As an Affiliate of APBA, LSABA has also received welcome support and encouragement from that organization

Overall, for a now maturing organization, LSABA appears to have a strong foundation and a good track record of accomplishments. LSABA is certainly blessed with having dedicated and caring members, and excellent support from the ABA professional establishment. We will survive current difficulties and carry forward.

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