Sociedad Mexicana de Analisis de la Conducta

Photo by Roman Lopez on Unsplash

By Minerva Pérez, Carlos Flores, Abraham Ortiz & Mario Serrano

The Mexican Society for Behavior Analysis (MSBA) is a civil association formed with the main objective of disseminating behavior analysis among professionals in psychology and related disciplines in México. In this regard, its main projects are the publication of the Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis (MJBA) and the annual celebration of the Mexican Conference of Behavior Analysis.

In 2020, the pandemic generated by COVID-19 did not affect the publication of the MJBA. In fact, the journal started the year with a new editor (Carlos Flores) and the publication of a special section on the 70th anniversary of the appearance of Principles of Psychology by Keller and Schoenfeld (visit

Unfortunately, this year’s Mexican Conference on Behavior Analysis did have to be postponed due to the pandemic generated by COVID-19. However. MSBA held this conference virtually in 2021. The event was part of the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the founding of University of Guadalajara’s Center for Studies and Research in Behavior; the first research institute of its kind in Latin America and, it should be noted, based on a strictly behavioral point of view about psychology. The Center was founded by Emilio Ribes Iñesta, also founder of our Society and, most likely, México’s most important academic psychologist in the area of behavior analysis.

2012 also included keynote addresses held by important figures of Mexican psychology such as Emilio Ribes, Carlos Bruner, and Kennon Lattal.

The MSBA hopes the pandemic generated by COVID-19 comes to an end as soon as possible and that its effects on academia and the world in general have the least possible impact.