Practitioner Issues in Behavior Analysis

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By Michael Weinberg

The Practitioner Issues in Behavior Analysis (PIBA) SIG is a special interest group that focuses on all areas of specialization for behavior analyst practitioners. This SIG developed a model licensing act for behavior analysts in 2007. The BACB’s model licensing act also drew heavily from the PIBA SIG’s model act to meet the needs and concerns of BCBA and BCaBA practitioners. We currently have a membership of 75 and also maintain a Facebook page for communication among members.

This SIG provides a means of discussion, support and potential for action per member input and decision among ABAI members. The SIG collaborates with other SIGs and boards of ABAI or external organizations as individual members on legal and ethical issues pertaining to the practice of behavior analysis. We promote and support means of ensuring the continued ability for behavior analysts to practice as independent practitioners. The SIG provides a means of communicating about current trends and concerns pertaining to the practice of behavior analysis, licensing matters, legislation issues, insurance regulations and billing practices and updates, and efforts to place barriers for such practice by outside organizations or individuals. We help support and promote the ability for behavior analysts to be on insurance panels to provide services to family members with autism and other areas of application of behavior analytic methods.

In the past year, the pandemic has significantly affected us all and has been a major focus including employment and related personal matters. The SIG has supported other SIGs that are working on the practice of behavior analysis in areas such as military/veteran’s issues, crime and delinquency, including juvenile justice and prisons, and substance abuse.

Given the growth in the number of states with licensure bills in place and ongoing expansion of this process, our SIG can be a place for practitioners to share information and discuss opportunities and strategies to promote the practice of behavior analysis as well as expansion of insurance coverage to areas outside of autism. Another issue of concern to many behavior analysts, among others, is the BACB’s decision to discontinue its credentialing program outside of North America in 2023. Those in other countries who wish to practice behavior analysis have been active in online forums and social media to discuss their concerns, options and future of the profession of behavior analysis outside North America.

The PIBA SIG is involved in other support efforts to promote the practice of behavior analysis with various client populations and types of behavior. We promote the science of behavior, evidence-based practice, and see the need to ensure this linkage continues.

We are seeking nominations for officers for the coming year. Please join our PIBA SIG List in Yahoo Groups to post your nominations for officers. We welcome new members and hope to meet with those interested at the annual convention and other ABAI conventions.

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