Acceptance and Commitment Training

Photo by Polina Rytova on Unsplash

By Angela Coreil

The mission of the ACT SIG is to create a platform in which professionals can engage to learn, explore, and disseminate how behavior analysis and ACT (be it “Training” or “Therapy”) can be developed across a diversity of domains, modalities, and populations to better serve the world with our science.

Our SIG objectives include: 1) Develop clarity around the intersection in scopes of practice and competency with ACT and behavior analysis, 2) Provide a community offering mentorship, trainings, and other resources to help practitioners understand how ACT can fit into their practice, 3) Identify action steps for membership to take toward a broader understanding of complexities in behavior, 4) Facilitate interactions between adjacent SIGs and other external groups to facilitate behavior analysis of complex events and reduction of suffering, 5) Facilitate exploration of ACT-adjacent and other relevant behavior analytic approaches to fostering psychological flexibility, and 6) Support members in conducting behavior analytic research on ACT, psychological flexibility, and related processes.

The ACT SIG of ABAI is a fairly new SIG. We have worked throughout the pandemic to develop membership, organization of the SIG, and to establish effective modes of communication with our membership. We now have a website at where resources can be added for our membership. We also have a mailing list and will be sending out materials and updates to our members through this.

We hope that you will join the ABAI ACT SIG and explore how verbal symbolic relating may influence and improve your current practice.

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