Equity-Focused Behavioral Interventions That Disrupt Discipline Disparities for Minoritized Students in the Classroom

By Emma DenBleyker, 2022 awardee of an Innovative Student Research Grant in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Emma DenBleyker is a doctoral student at the University of Cincinnati studying School Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis. Her research concentrates on equity-focused behavioral interventions that disrupt discipline disparities for minoritized students in the classroom. Her dissertation study utilizes self-monitoring and performance feedback to increase equitable distribution of behavior-specific praise across racial groups. Through the generous support of the Innovative Student Research Grant in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Emma will be able to carry out the activities of this project more effectively. Specifically, anti-racism resources for teachers will strengthen the consultation process and contribute to teachers’ understanding of the role of bias in schools. Emma is honored to receive this grant and looks forward to sharing the results of the study at the 2023 SABA Conference.

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