Web-Based Behavior Analysis Resources in Spanish

By Karina Bermúdez & Karina Caro, 2022 awardees of an International Development Grant

Applied behavior analysis is a science that has proven to be effective at improving people’s lives through the application of basic principles to increase specific behaviors, such as social, academic, and verbal, as well as reduce problem behavior. However, there is a limited number of resources in Spanish for parents, teachers, and students interested in understanding behavior analysis principles and applications, limiting the opportunities for training in the field of ABA and the access to ABA services in the Spanish-speakers community.

The funds of the International Development Grant will be used to develop a website with resources in Spanish that will include 1) booklets and infographics about the behavior analysis principles and applications, 2) digital games to practice the applications of the behavior principles in different settings and 3) a section on the website with information on research projects, events, and opportunities for work and training in the field of ABA in Latin America. User experience and social validity questionnaires will be applied once the website has been launched, and the data will help improve it.

The objective of the project is to disseminate reliable information about the field of ABA and build a community among Spanish-speakers through the generation of collaborative networks.

The website will remain free and permanently available. Collaborations with behavior analysts will be sought to maintain the website updated with information about the development of ABA in Latin America.

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