By Ann Dorlet

HABA had another successful year battling through COVID thanks to our Executive Board, Membership, and our affiliation with ABAI. One of our biggest accomplishments was getting the licensure billed past! This is a very exciting moment for Indiana, and we can’t wait to join the other states in this wonderful endeavor. Throughout the year, we continued to provide our members with continuing education opportunities with our monthly Hoosier Happy Hour Events. These events allow our members access to various topics in the areas of behavior analysis. Topics include self-care for BCBA’s, improving mental and physical health during stressful times, work-life balance, ethical considerations in the field of ABA, effective supervision, and staff training.

In October, we hosted our second virtual conference with the following line-up: Becca Tagg, Shannon Biagi, Molly Dubuque, AJ Rodrigue, Rob Pennington, Janine Shapiro, Kim Phan Wolff, and Jennifer and Vince LaMarca. The conference was a three-day event and was quite successful with almost 150 people in attendance. We even had a super fun virtual poster session where we delivered a $500 scholarship for the best overall poster presentation. Our 4th Annual Bridget Harrison Award was presented to Jill Forte for her continued commitment to HABA’s mission.

This past year was again a challenging one. However, the HABA board and its members continued adapt to the change and learn together in new ways.

2021 Strategic Plan Goals

  • Obtain Licensure: As of April 19, 2021, our licensure bill has passed through the senate and the congress. We are waiting for the governor to sign by the end of this week.
  • Provide Monthly Hoosier Happy Hour CE events: accomplished
  • Hold an in-person conference
  • Stabilize finances: accomplished but will remain a goal
  • Simplify: accomplished but will remain a goal

2022 Strategic Plan Goals

  • Finalize Licensure
  • Provide Monthly Hoosier Happy Hour CE events
  • Hold an in-person conference
  • Stabilize finances
  • Continue to organize and simplify

Executive Committee 2021

  • Danyl MH Epperheimer, MS, BCBA, past-president
  • Amber Badgett, MA, BCBA, president
  • Ann Dorlet, MA, BCBA, vice-president
  • Amanda Ahrens, MS, BCBA, treasurer
  • Amanda Jones, MS, BCBA, secretary
  • Tysha Rivich, MS, BCBA, member-at-large

Committee Chairs 2020

  • Vacant Public Policy chair
  • Maqenzi Furgason, MS, BCBA and Mel Shampo, MS, BCBA Conference chairs
  • Vince LaMarca, MS, BCBA, Licensure chair

Executive Committee 2022

  • Amber Badgett, BCBA, past-president
  • Ann Dorlet, BCBA, president
  • Amanda Jones, BCBA, vice-president
  • Amanda Ahrens, BCBA, treasurer
  • Brittany Hughes, BCBA, secretary
  • Maria Loudermilk, BCBA, member-at-large

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