By Elizabeth Janick & Emma Grauerholz-Fisher

This year, RIABA has continued to provide free virtual continuing education opportunities for its members. Members have indicated that they enjoy having the option to attend events virtually, and we will continue to offer a virtual option even as we return to in-person events. We have offered the following free continuing education events for our members:

  • “Designing Effective Token Economies for School Settings”, with Dr. Stephanie Jones (2 CEUs)
  • “Choosing the Right Chaining Method for Your Client”, with Dr. Emma Grauerholz-Fisher (1 CEU)
  • “Toward an Understanding of Assent With Individuals With Communication Difficulties”, with Dr. Cody Morris (1 CEU)

We also welcomed Shanna Bahry, MS, as a temporary appointed member of the Executive Council. She has been charged with researching Medicaid reimbursement rates in Rhode Island to help evaluate the need for renegotiation.

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