Association Francaise Les Professionnels de l’Analyse du Comportement

By The AF-LPA Team

AFLPA/ABA-Online began the first online VCS in French in 2020. We have had 5 cohorts since of around 10-15 students each time. Our content includes readings in French, readings in English, Videos, live tutoring sessions, end-of-week Quizzes to test acquired knowledge as well as a final exam. Many books have been translated in French such as the one from Miltenberger and Bailey; and Cooper has been translated recently and is being printed. AF-LPA has developed a project in collaboration with the local Counsel of Education.

We have managed to get a contract allowing us to train and supervise the shadow teachers that are accompanying students with ASD and other Neurodevelopmental delays in schools. It also allows us to co-select the shadow teacher which is a big advance for our region. AF-LPA and ABA Online are also planning a local event for 2023 and trying to develop the number of members.

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