By Elizabeth Lorah

The Arkansas Association for Behavior Analysts is dedicated to the advancement of the science and application of behavior analysis and committed to promoting research, education, and practice based on the principles of behavior analysis. ArkABA strives to disseminate knowledge from the science of behavior analysis to the public and to professional behavior analysts. ArkABA currently has 200 members, comprised of practitioners, academics, students, and affiliates from across the state of Arkansas. ArkABA members benefit from discounted rates for our annual conference, as well as free CEU opportunities throughout the year. ArkABA achieved two major accomplishments in 2021. First, ArkABA hosted an in-person (first since 2019) conference on the topic of Organizational Behavior Management in Little Rock, AR. We welcomed presters Donald Hantula (Temple University), Shannon Biagi (Chief Motivating Officers), and Alicia Alvero (Queens College), experts on OBM. The event was attended by 55 persons from across the state and neighboring states.  Secondly, as a primary focus of ArkABA’s endeavors this year has been the establishment licensure for behavior analysts in the state of Arkansas. We began working with a house representative, in April of 2022 and presented the benefits of licensure to the Mental and Behavior Health workgroup in the fall. We worked with Arkansas Bill Drafters to draft a bill for licensure with guidance from professional associations. Our licensure bill will be filed in January 2023. In the coming year, ArkABA will continue to focus time and energy on the establishment of licensure for behavior analysts. Given the importance of this focus, the association will work to host smaller CEU events throughout the year versus one large conference event. We are also working to collaborate with neighboring state to co-host events. ArkABA was thrilled to have the opportunity to present on our efforts, membership growth, and the benefits of membership at the 2023 Annual Association for Behavior Analysis International conference.

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