By Nikki Condit

(ABA-D) is devoted to representing and communicating ABA to the German public as a socially, ethically viable and scientifically based therapeutic intervention in various settings. Our mission is to bring improved awareness of the internationally developed science of behavior analysis in both its experimental and applied forms to the German language and populace.

We aim to protect the integrity of Behavior Analysis in all its forms and applications, while contributing to its development, enhancement, and growth. We strive to earn acceptance of ABA in Germany, as in much of the rest of the world, as its own scientific endeavor useful in addressing important social issues including the education and therapy of individuals in need. In doing so, we plan to ensure that ABA in Germany stays connected and responsible to the larger international behavior analysis community; help develop a standardized set of appropriate German-language translations for behavioral terminology in all its forms and applications; insist that criteria standards created in Germany for those allowed to use ABA meet standards of the international community;
and promote educational opportunities in Germany.

2023 marks the 12th anniversary of The Association for Behavior Analysis Deutschland (ABA-D) and we have been an Affiliate National Chapter of ABAI for 10 years
(since 2013).

Our focus this past year has been increasing ABA-D membership opportunities and involvement. We scheduled quarterly online meeting opportunities for members that encourage both connection and collaboration. In addition to our quarterly “Stammtisch” Meetings, we also sought to create our first ABA-D Conference.

We are very pleased to announce that our first inaugural ABA-D Online Conference in Germany will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2023. This Conference has been made possible by hard work and commitment of the ABA-D Conference Planning Committee. Without the help of these members, this would not have been possible, and for that, we are incredibly thankful. This conference will be a meeting point for ABA professionals and give them a space to connect and learn, as well as provide Continuing Education Units to those interested. We have opened our conference to neighboring German-speaking countries as well. We have a variety of speakers that will be presenting
in both English and German, to appeal to our multi-lingual international population.

Moving forward, our goal is to provide multiple opportunities each year for members to attend various presentations and earn continuing education units throughout the year. We also hope to continue to grow in number of members and see member involvement increase even more. We remain committed to our mission to spread knowledge of behavior analysis to professionals and parents, promote the science in Germany, and invite more members and professionals join us. For further information or to join the chapter please visit:

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