Association Francaise – Les Professionnels de l’Analyse du Comportement

By Helene Abdelnour

AF-LPA is one of the French chapters in France. This year’s focus has changed a little as we have been able to have an agreement with the Education Nationale, the local governmental entity in charge of managing the schools. Thanks to this agreement, we can train the shadow teachers of students living with a handicap and going to public schools through initial training, then we supervise the shadow teacher by going inside of the schools and giving her tools to help the student. We can also propose a person to be hired as a shadow teacher and we work closely with the governmental entity to help advance each situation. Our focus for this year has been to integrate ABA within the local school system and help students with handicaps remain in mainstream schools with proper help. The professionals who are part of the association can now ask to be part of this contract to help their own clients. Also, we are planning an annual event in collaboration with ABA Online to bring internationally recognized ABA Professionals here in France to present the most up-to-date scientific knowledge and to create a yearly meeting where French ABA professionals can meet.

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