By Lera Johnson & Gabrielle Torres

While the District of Columbia is quite small geographically; its metropolitan area extends to nearby states of Maryland and Virginia (a.k.a., the DMV). DCABA’s mission is to promote the professional practice, ethics, research, and dissemination of behavior analysis in the DMV, and to provide its members with support and continuing education opportunities within the field of behavior analysis. DCABA is committed to promoting diversity and inclusiveness in our organization and within the field of behavior analysis.

After some slowing down as a result of the pandemic, the board is happy to share that we are back at full capacity and working diligently to fulfil our mission. Our current board members meet on a monthly basis and include:

President Saundra Bishop, BCBA, LBA

Past-President Mary Caruso-Anders, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA VA & MD

Secretary, Amber Travers, MEd, BCBA, LBA VA

Treasurer Andrea Jones, Graduate Student in Behavior Analysis

Communications Coordinator Colleen Williams, MEd, BCBA

DEI Coordinator Gabrielle Torres, BCBA, IBA

Three Members-at-Large:
Lera Johnson, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA VA & MD,
Lorena Trujillo, BCBA, LBA VA and

Chrystal Foster, BCBA, LBA VA & MD

We also have four active committees supporting the goals and initiatives of the organization:

Membership Committee—focuses on supporting members of DCABA (i.e. resources, socializing) and growing the number of members, which includes behavior analysts, other professionals, RBTs, parents, allies, et cetera.

The Program/Continuing Education Committee focuses on our professional’s development and
training opportunities

The Public Policy Committee focuses on furthering
the regulated practice of behavior analysis in Washington, D.C., including research of licensure initiatives across the country, drafting ABA licensure laws for D.C. and working for their ratification.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee ensures that the events, actions and activities of the DCABA Board and its Committees take into account, and promote, diversity, equity and inclusion. As our committees continue their work, we are always looking for new members. If you are interested in joining a committee, email us at

Our primary focus in 2023 is to enhance our membership value and provide our members with more professional development and networking opportunities. We are also focused on the submission of a licensing model act in the District of Columbia. Other goals include establishing mentoring for young professionals and resources for parents.

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