2022 Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior Annual Report

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The SIG remains focused on our three primary goals: Promoting the experimental analysis of human behavior and basic behavioral research by encouraging student research and scholarship in EAHB, recognizing outstanding career-long contributions to the field, and maintaining an outlet for publishing human operant research. Due to the conference being held online, the SIG again had to postpone many of its activities. Additionally, due to COVID challenges, the award presentation for Dr. Timothy Hackenberg, Professor of Psychology at Reed College on cross-species comparisons of behavior and the processes by which we may separate species from procedural differences will occur next year when we are confident the event will be well-attended. The EAHB SIG continues to increase the size of its membership (currently 120 ABA members) by i) presenting a poster at the ABA Expo, ii) by promoting the annual Distinguished Contributions Award address, and iii) increasing the visibility of the EAHB Bulletin.
      The SIG also has undergone a transition of leadership. After 8 years of masterfully managing all SIG activities, Drs. J. Adam Bennett and Kathryn Kestner will be stepping down as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively. Their contributions to the SIG are doubtlessly uncountable and they will be missed dearly. In their place, Dr. David Cox will take over as the SIG Chair and Dr. Catherine Williams will assume the role of Vice-Chair. Dr. Stephanie Jimenez will, to the fortune of the incoming chairs, remain on as the SIG Treasurer.
      In the coming year, activities will include reviews of manuscripts for 2022 Bulletin release (likely December), settling into SIG roles for the new chairs, and an updating of the tech stack to help coordinate and facilitate SIG activities.
      Membership in the EAHB SIG is open to all individuals who are interested in the SIG’s aim, mission, or objectives. Members do not have to be members of ABAI and membership is currently free. Check out our website for more details: https://www.eahb.org/.

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