By Pooja Panesar

Kenya Association for Behavior Analysis is excited to share that we now have four BCBAs working in the country. Two are of Kenyan origin, and two are of American origin but living in Kenya. We were all able to meet in January 2023 and discuss issues that we would like to address within the field.

     One of the main challenges in Kenya is the proliferation of RBT numbers without supervisors. Many have simply completed a 40-hour course online and claim to be RBTs. They begin providing services under the umbrella of ABA but have no supervision or qualification to do so. Our strategy to combat this issue is to provide more parent education on ABA, supervision, and requirements for those providing ABA services. Once parents are well-informed and ask the right questions, professionals will be pushed to do better.

     We are also working on the local registration process for an association. Finances and manpower were a challenge initially, but with the added certificants, the burden is easier when divided.

     We will be looking into providing workshops and recruiting current members for KABA this year to engage the community and push on dissemination of ABA.

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