The New Hampshire Association for Behavior Analysis (NHABA) is an Affiliate Chapter of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI). Its mission is to promote the development and awareness of behavioral services in the state of New Hampshire by (1) supporting the development of standards of practice for behavior analysis; (2) promoting and supporting the conduct of behavior analytic research; (3) promoting research, education, and practice-based principles in behavior analysis; (4) promoting and supporting the professional development of behavior analysts; and (5) raising awareness of the association and its services.

Executive Committee

     NHABA is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of a President, Past President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member-at-Large, and a Student Member-at-Large. The 2023 Executive Committee is comprised of: Jodie Deming (President), Ally Dube (Past President), Danielle Tibert (Vice President), Nicole Fragala (Secretary), Erin Norris (Treasurer), Kassandra Coleman (Member-at-Large), Savannah Arnold (Student Member-at-Large).


     NHABA offers three categories of annual membership: Full Annual Membership ($45.00), Affiliate Annual Membership ($35.00), and Student Annual Membership ($20.00).  NHABA also offers organizational discounts for ABA companies practicing Behavior Analysis in NH.  Organizations with several eligible employees can sign their employees up and receive a bulk discount.  The purpose of this is to increase the membership numbers.  Costs are as follows: 21-50 eligible employees ($250.00), 51 or more eligible employees ($500.00) 20 or fewer eligible employees ($125.00).

     Membership is open to all persons interested in or actively engaged in behavior analysis. Memberships start on the day of the annual conference and remain in effect until the date of the next annual conference. Full Member status may be obtained by any individual holding a terminal degree in a discipline directly related to or involving behavior analysis and whose full-time professional commitment includes teaching, research, and/or practice in behavior analysis. An Affiliate Member status may be obtained by any member evidencing an interest in the discipline of behavior analysis who does not qualify under the standards of full membership. Affiliate members enjoy all the benefits of Full Membership but do not vote on decisions of the chapter. A Student Member status may be any individual pursuing formal training in behavior analysis on at least a half-time basis but still needs to be gainfully employed therein may apply for membership in this category. Student Membership requires documentation to verify the applicant’s student status. Student members may also vote on membership decisions of the chapter.

     There are multiple benefits to becoming a member of the organization. These benefits include but are not limited to, reduced conference registration, free CEUs at NHABA meetings, a mentorship networking platform to connect behavior analysts with others to share expertise, notifications about continuing education opportunities, the latest news in behavior analysis, a vote on issues pertinent to the organization, and the opportunity to hold office in the organization (Full Members only).


     NHABA has actively hosted events in the state since 2016. Each year since, the organization has held an annual conference and continues to be a sought-after event for professional development in New Hampshire and surrounding areas.

     The conference’s location is rotated yearly to extend the association’s reach in the state. In September of 2022, NHABA held a conference in Manchester, NH. The organization was pleased to host Dr. Karly Cordova, Molly Ola-Pinney, Dr. Monica Gilbert, Kim Woolf, Amy Evans, Dr. Michael Dorsey, and Dr. Clea Sigaud.  The keynote speaker was Molly Ola-Pinney, who discussed her efforts with the Global Autism Project. 

     NHABA currently hosts quarterly chapter meetings, each offering a CE in supervision or ethics. The association continues to determine the most effective platform to offer these meetings to reach the most members across the state. Currently, the meetings are hosted in person and offer a virtual option.

     Currently, NHABA membership stands at 73 members and continues to grow. The association continues to seek effective ways to engage in outreach and disseminate information about the association’s activities and opportunities.  This year, NHABA has updated the bylaws to include more opportunities for growth while building strong policies and procedures.  The chapter will focus on NH state licensure.  NHABA continues to seek a more robust and active presence as a resource for individuals interested in behavior analytic services in New Hampshire. Through the work of NHABA, the aim will remain to work towards the association’s mission as a whole and expand its reach and impact.

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     More information about New Hampshire Association for Behavior Analysis can be found on the organization’s website:

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