By Anne Macaskill
The New Zealand Association for Behavior Analysis (NZABA) is a community of people working, teaching, and researching Behavior Analysis in, or with a connection to, Aotearoa New Zealand.
The focus of NZABA is to host an annual conference in late August. In 2022 the conference was held on the Waikato University campus in Tauranga for the first time. After having to host the 2020 and 2021 conferences online, it was wonderful to get together in person in Tauranga while also including online conference presenters and participants.
The quality of student talks was so high that the judges acknowledged five outstanding presentations. Specifically: Tokiko Taylor (University of Waikato) for her talk entitled: Perspective taking is Stimulus Control: Conditional Control by the Presence or Absence of “Person” Stimuli in a False-belief Task, Victoria Burney (University of Auckland) for her talk entitled: Engagement of parents in behavioral intervention, Nicky Duff (Victoria University of Wellington) for her talk entitled: The role of autobiographical memory in social problem solving, Sehar Moughal (University of Auckland) for her talk entitled: Feminism, family violence, and behavior analysis – why and how? Rhea Choundira (University of Waikato) for her talk entitled: Tootling through a Cultural Lens: Effects of Tootling on Student and Teacher Behaviors in an Inclusive School in Aotearoa.
In addition, the audience choice award went to yet another excellent talk from Alisha (Bo min) Kwon (University of Auckland). Alisha’s talk was entitled: Promoting skill advancement and the generalization of skills across settings for children with tube dependency. The titles and affiliations of the student award winners showcase the diversity of excellent research presented across areas of behavior analysis and across the country.
NZABA continued to collaborate with the Society of Behaviour Analysis Aotearoa New Zealand, a new group with many overlapping members focused on professional practice issues. The society is now a registered charity in New Zealand. NZABA and the society co-hosted a pre-conference workshop offering CEUs on ethical issues of specific relevance to practitioners in New Zealand.
In 2023 our conference will be held at the Victoria University of Wellington Pipitea campus. Our website at provides up-to-date information about how to register and will post the conference program once available. You can join NZABA via a form on our website; we do not charge a membership fee. Members automatically join our email list and will receive occasional updates and announcements. Our Facebook group at hosts more informal discussions and shares links to items of general interest to those working in the field of
behavior analysis.

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