Positive Behavior Support Annual Report

      The Positive Behavior Support Special Interest Group (PBS-SIG) promotes research-based strategies that combine applied behavior analysis and biomedical science with person-centered values and systems change to increase quality of life and decrease problem behaviors. The PBS SIG’s main objective is to create awareness of how behavior analytic principles are applied in PBS activities promote PBS interventions in schools, communities, agencies, and homes, and support practitioners in its use. The PBS SIG members are those engaged in experimental and applied analyses of behavior who are interested in positive behavior support. The SIG was established in 2005 and has experienced four presidents since its inception. There are 1.9K members in the Behavior Analysts for Positive Behavior Support Facebook group, a 46% increase from 2021. The PBS-SIG values include person-centered planning, socially significant outcomes, networking/partnership, dissemination, and broad applications of PBS.

For 2023 the PBS-SIG will evaluate SIG needs and continue to implement short- and long-term goals focusing on the following areas: 

Transitioning from a SIG Leadership Team to a SIG Board with acting board members.

Development of a Social Media Campaign to expand across multiple platforms.

Increase SIG Leadership Team presence on the Behavior Analysts for Positive Behavior Support Facebook page.

Increase participation through networking and partnership opportunities.

Anyone interested in behavior analysis and positive behavior support is welcome to join the SIG. Currently, the membership is free. To become involved, email Jodie Soracco at soraccoja@vcu.edu.

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