SABA 2023 International Development Grant: Alan El Tagi

Alternative Paths Training School (APTS) is a non-profit, private day program located in Northern Virginia
serving 230 learners with exceptional needs. With a foundation of behavior analytic principles as the
bedrock from which the organization was founded, APTS’ commitment to student and community
success has continued to expand across Northern Virginia. Alan El Tagi, CEO and Co-Founder of APTS, is
dedicated to the global replication of positive student outcomes in regions and countries affected by
environmental and social conflict, specifically those locations where behavior analytic services are
limited or unavailable. With the funding provided through the SABA International 2023 grant, Mr. El Tagi
and his team will add to the existing financial donation to their partnering organization in Ukraine. Over
the previous year, APTS has worked collaboratively to develop and sustain a special education classroom
based on behavior analytic principles that serves up to 6 learners. This program mirrors the successful
intervention and operation of APTS classrooms in the United States, while also considering the ongoing
crisis in Ukraine.
The project’s chief objectives are the establishment of a special education classroom for learners whose
severe problem behaviors have prevented them from accessing an educational placement, as well as
provide behavior-based coaching and ongoing training to teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents. This
ongoing project has allowed for students with severe behavioral needs to receive initial assessment and
on-going support to decrease interfering behaviors and provide stabilization and support in the home. It
is APTS’ fervent hope that this project will serve as a vessel of dissemination through which a broader
understanding of behavior analysis is shared globally.

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