SABA 2023 Public Awareness Grant: Adam Hockman

Behavior analysts conduct research and relevant work in healthcare, public and health policy, education, and other important disciplines. One way to increase general awareness of their work is through publication in high-profile magazines and journals (Harvard Business Review, New England Journal of Medicine, and others worldwide) that exceed the reach of behavior analysis journals and rank higher in Google search results.
A grant from SABA’s Public Awareness grant is being used to establish an online community of behavior analysts who aspire to be published in mainstream outlets. Wider Reach: The Behavior Analysis Publication Incubator supports researchers and practitioners in key publication steps: brainstorming, writing and editing, beta reader management, and interactions with publishers—always with close attention paid to the intended “mission” of the work. Wider Reach welcomes submissions from behavior analysts and researchers worldwide, and its volunteers identify and reach out to those who are conducting innovative research or otherwise working to impact society at scale. We also accept inquiries regarding well-designed unpublished theses and dissertations, as well as manuscripts that have been rejected.
Many significant developments in behavior analysis are unknown to the public and behavior analysts. Writing about our work—in accessible, engaging ways—and publishing it on mainstream platforms and in journals and magazines, will give behavior analysts greater access and connection to readers and to each other. The SABA award makes both of these visions a reality.
For more information about pursuing a project with Wider Reach or to recommend others for our project, please contact To receive updates on our efforts, join our mailing list: Website and resource library coming soon!

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