2023 Fellows of ABAI: Donald Hantula

Dr. Donald Hantula is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology under the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University, where he has worked since 1999.

In 1989, he received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame. His significant contributions to research and scholarship in behavior analysis has had an incalculable influence on the field, and the depth and breadth of that research is noteworthy. Across a wide range of topics—human decision-making, consumer choice, and behavioral economics, to name a few—he has produced an unparalleled oeuvre of work.

His leadership as the founding editor of Perspectives on Behavior Science (PoBS, formerly The Behavior Analyst) has made PoBS a journal of note, raising the impact factor to its 2020 value of 2.84. His editorial service is extensive, serving as an editor, board member, and/or reviewer for over 20 journals. His collaborative work with other colleagues and students has been crucial in the development of tools and methods to advance behavior analysis and behavior management technologies. In addition to his original research, Dr. Hantula has also written two books—Consumer Behavior Analysis: (A) Rational Approach to Consumer Choice (with Victoria Wells) and Advances in Social & Organizational Psychology—and created a Master tutorial video on behavioral economics produced by the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies.

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