By Kim Wolff
Founded in 2008, The Ohio Association for Behavior Analysis (OHABA) is an affiliated chapter of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI). OHABA is an organization for people interested in behavior analysis and is primarily an interest group.

The purpose of this nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization is to promote the science and theory of Behavior Analysis through the support of research, education, and practice.

Supporting the certification process of Certified Ohio Behavior Analysts (herein referred to as “COBA”). Supporting the national certification process of Behavior Analysts and assistant Behavior Analysts (herein referred to as “BCBA” and “BCaBA”).

Advocating for Behavior Analytic services and the profession of Behavior Analysis. Enhancing quality assurance in behavior analytic services. Promoting Behavior Analysis and university programs that specialize in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Providing continuing education opportunities for behavior analysts. Providing resources and information related to behavior analysis.

Organizing an annual conference that shall serve as a forum for the presentation of scientific and technological achievements as well as the discussion of the affairs of the organization.

Maintaining a group site or website containing information about the organization and about Behavior Analysis in Ohio and elsewhere.

Alerting Members to regional and national issues affecting the practice of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Functioning as the Ohio contact for and representative of the Association for Behavior Analysis International.

OHABA works to promote behavior analysis by a.) promoting Behavior Analysis in the educational setting b.) promoting Behavior Analysis and university programs that specialize in Applied Behavior Analysis c.) providing a forum for the discussion of research and conceptual issues in behavior analysis d.) maintaining a website containing information about the organization and about behavior analysis in Ohio and elsewhere and e.) functions as the Ohio contact for and representative of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI).

The OHABA Executive Board Members as of March 2023 included the President, Janet Hansen, PhD, BCBA-D, COBA, Past President, Jennifer Sweeney, BCBA-D, COBA, President-Elect, Nikki Williams, PhD, BCBA, COBA, Secretary, Kim Wolff, MS, BCBA, COBA, and Treasurer, Dacia McCoy, PhD, BCBA-D, COBA. The OHABA Board is committed to making the organization a resource to members across the state of Ohio. The OHABA Board includes Marketing Chair, Kate Wallace, BCBA, COBA, Membership Chair, Brittany Duffy, BCBA, COBA, Professional Standards Chair, Bryan Droesch, LPC, BCBA, COBA, Education Chair, Kate Anderson, BCBA, COBA, Program Co-Chairs, Cara Brown, MA, BCBA, COBA and Hannah Stauffer, MA, BCBA, COBA, Public Policy Chair, Jen Gonda, BCBA, COBA, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Chair, Juliana Carrus, MEd, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA, COBA, and Student Chairs, Sara Martin & Seth Sharpe, BCBA.

     During 2022-2023, the full Board and committees worked hard to coordinate opportunities for its members. In February of 2022, OHABA was proud to offer a two-day conference virtually. Invited speakers included Tyra P. Seller, JD, Ph.D., BCBA-D (Keynote), Dr. Malika Pritchett, Nicholas Maio-Aether, Dr. Kazemi, and Andratesha Fritgerald. The topics of the conference were diverse and ranged from compassionate care, behavior analysis and equity in public education, sexual and gender orientation through ABA, supervision and mentorship, and diversity and inclusion. Due to COVID, the Board did not host any in-person events throughout the year. Instead, the Board created monthly virtual events, to bring our members together to discuss topics and issues related to behavior analysis.

Membership Information

Increasing membership across the state has been a primary focus for OHABA. The following table shows the growth in membership since December of 2012:

     Year                      Number of Members

     December 2012    46

     December 2013    114

     December 2014    127

     December 2015    148

     December 2016    208

     December 2017    226

     December 2018    280

     December 2019    389

     December 2020    248

     December 2021    270

     December 2022    211

OHABA is intent on continuing to increase its membership by offering CEU opportunities to members across the state. Individuals interested in joining OHABA, can find a membership form on our website Membership fees are $40 for full members, $35 for affiliate members, and $15 for student members. This was the first year OHABA offered three-year memberships for our full ($75) and affiliate ($60) members. Benefits of membership include a reduced registration fee for OHABA conferences with CEUs included. Individuals interested in becoming a member of OHABA or any members who are interested in serving on the board or a committee should contact OHABA at

Annual Conference 2022

  The 2020 Conference was held on February 11th and 12th at the Marriott University Hotel. The 2022 conference was OHABA’s 12th annual conference. The conference offered diverse topics and opportunities for members to
connect virtually.

Certification in the State of Ohio

The OHABA board has worked closely with the Ohio State Board of Psychology to educate BCBA’s in the state on the process and importance of becoming Certified Ohio Behavior Analysts (COBA’s). Only individuals who have the COBA can practice behavior analysis in the state, except in exempt settings. The last step in obtaining the certification requires candidates to attend a half-day workshop and pass an exam covering the rules and regulations regarding behavior analytic practice in Ohio. The Board has committed to having representation at each of these workshops to assist in answering questions and to ensure newly certified members are aware of OHABA as
a resource.

Future Direction

OHABA Board is committed to making the organization a resource to members. The Board continues to add additional Board positions and develop committees to assist Chairs in the completion of their duties. The board continues to promote networking events with the goal of reaching ABA professionals across the state by region. Due to COVID, our initial efforts which were hosting Town Hall events per region, have shifted to monthly coffee chats to reach all members of the state. We commit to continue to offer those events to focus on a variety of topics, special interests, open collaboration, and focused CEU programs. The Board continues to become aware of potential legislation, which could impact the practice of behavior analysis in the state. The Board is also evaluating policies and practices to ensure we are focused on the diversity, equity, and inclusion of all members. We continue our commitment to legislative efforts to ensure the practice of applied behavior analysis continues to be recognized with Medicaid and other insurance as a medically necessary service.

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